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Paint by Numbers Australia

Explore the vast collection of Paint by Numbers Australia. You can get high-quality paint by numbers of kits for adults and kids as well. Enjoy painting and create the masterpiece of art.


Custom Paint By Numbers Australia

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There is nothing good than creating your own painting. We design and convert any photo selected by you to Custom Paint by Number.


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Paint by Numbers Australia - What is it? Discover the world of creativity!

Paint by numbers is an effective way that can help you relax and grow in many ways. It allows you to paint like a pro as you do not need to be an artist to work with our paint by numbers kits. You just need the ability to paint inside and outside of the given slots. These slots are numbered and you need to paint them with the same numbered painting pots. By just filling in the given shapes; you can create a masterpiece that you can admire for years.

Our kits will guide you with all the instructions and steps you need to create a stunning piece of art. Our painting kits contain everything from high-quality canvas, vibrant small acrylic paint pots, and a clean set of brushes to finish the painting. If you choose to buy it with the frame, it comes with all the hooks and stuff that you need to hang on a wall. Paint by numbers is a healthy hobby that can benefit your mental and emotional health in many ways. It is a therapy that can help you soothe your nerves and help you relax. It can help you train your mind for betterment, drive more focus, and improve motor skills.
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Painting Made Easy – Paint by Numbers Australia

How to do Paint by numbers for kids and adults?

For paint by number kits, no experience is required. You do not need to be a professional craftsman to create an award-winning art piece. In these painting kits, images are separated into different kinds of shapes. These shapes are pre-numbered so you need to fill in these spaces. The stunning artwork is developed with various shades and steps of colouring. We will provide you with all the instructions and material that you need for your painting. Our painting kits will incorporate acrylic numbered paint pots, a printed canvas, and a brush set. You just need to follow and match the numbered spaces to create a vibrant and realistic painting.

The process will require you to wash your painting brushes many times. Therefore, you can choose to shade the larger areas first or one colour at a time. Try to start from the head of your painting to avoid any kind of smudges and blemishes on your art piece. If you are left-handed; you can opt for the right corner first. However, if you use the right hand you can start painting from the left side of the paint by number canvas.

You need to pay attention to all areas from very small to large ones. It helps you practice brush control and improve motor skills. You need to hold the brushes nice and steady and work your way down till the end. Having brush control is vital for getting the smooth and precise edges and nice specific vital areas. The more control you have on your brush the better your painting will turn out. Paint by numbers kit is a stepping stool that helps you master these skills and learn arts and crafts.

Why Paint by Numbers for adults?

Benefits of Paint by Numbers


I am a bad painter but I love colors, so I tried painting one of the paintings from paint by numbers. I must say I enjoyed doing it and never felt I am bad at painting. I completely loved the end result I got and nobody believed I did it. It was very easy to do and fun. It just took time but it was worth it.

Alex Smith
Victoria, Australia

I ordered a painting for myself to try. I loved doing it even if there was a lot of time involved. It has become a kind of hobby for me now. I framed the painting and hung it on my wall and it feels good to see that I did it. Whenever I see that painting hanging on the wall, it gives me an inner satisfaction.

Steven Chris
Queensland, Australia

Obsessed with these paintings. Its very fun to do and the vibrant colors make me feel relaxed and I feel happy doing it. It is a very fun hobby when I want to spend time with myself. It relaxes my mind and overjoys my soul. I have already painted 3 of them and gifted to my parents and sister.

Kristina Bellis
Tasmania, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, just put something flat and heavy on the canvas for a while and it will be fine.

The colors are easily available in any store. You can buy the finished colors from a store.

There are 2 thin and 1 side brush in the kit along with the colors and canvas.

After finishes the painting, put the frame on the painting and safely lock the frames onto each other. Then hand the fame on the wall.

There is a reference sheet in the kit which helps if any number is missing. On the other hand you can fill all the other numbers and fill the missing one at the end.

The canvas is a high quality cotton fabric with 20”x16” (50 cm x 40 cm) dimensions.