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Paint by Numbers Australia

If art is your true passion, then Paint by Numbers Australia crafts are the perfect way to unleash your ultimate creativity. Painting isn't a journey reserved for experts; it's an incredible adventure for all art enthusiasts. With a paint by numbers kit, you can easily embark on this wonderful artistic journey, guided by the precise instructions included. Dive into your artistic quest and discover our exclusive offers on every paint by numbers kit, paving an unparalleled path for your creativity.

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Custom Paint By Numbers Australia

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Imagine the joy of seeing your own photo transformed into a masterpiece with a paint by numbers kit. If you believe in the healing power of self-love, then custom paint by numbers Australia is your perfect choice. Treat yourself to something truly special by selecting a custom paint by numbers kit from our Paint with Numbers store. Gift your inner self with this unique and precious experience.


Why Paint By Numbers Is the Ultimate Craft Choice?

Paint by numbers for adults is a globally beloved art form that centers around a pre-numbered canvas and a set of coloring tools. Despite its popularity, some dismiss it with complaints like: "It's too time-consuming," "It's a hassle to paint for so long," and "One small mistake can ruin the entire piece."

We, along with countless artisans, wholeheartedly disagree with these misconceptions. Paint by numbers is more than just an art project - it's a transformative experience. Engaging in this activity brings a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace.

We encourage every art lover to become an art enthusiast and explore the beauty of paint by numbers canvas art. By doing so, you'll discover that dedicating time to art is exhilarating, experimenting with colors and learning from mistakes is enriching, and seeing your completed masterpiece is incredibly rewarding.

Note: The true essence of art is revealed through personal discovery.

Easy Tips for Perfecting Paint by Numbers

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, child or adult, these three steps will help you create your masterpiece on canvas:

  • Step 1: Pick your Kit
    Start by purchasing your paint by numbers kit from our Paint with Numbers store. Unbox the kit and separate all the tools: acrylic paints, canvas, paint brushes, reference sheet, and sample portrait. Secure the canvas on a wooden frame.
  • Step 2: Set it Up
    Ensure your canvas is tightly secured to a sturdy surface. Place the sample panel nearby, open the reference sheet, and familiarize yourself with the number codes on the canvas and paint containers. Thoroughly review the guide to understand the canvas blocks and their corresponding colors.
  • Step 3: Start Painting
    Begin coloring the canvas according to the numbered design. To avoid confusion, complete all areas of the same color before moving to the next. Once you've finished painting, check the tones and effects. When your artwork is complete, frame it to hang on your wall or gift to a loved one.
    Note: Every beautiful piece of art starts with the right preparation.

Unveiling the Benefits of Paint by Numbers Kits for All Ages

A paint by numbers kit Australia is an art form that remains intriguing, even with its rich history. It offers numerous benefits, including:

Tips for Successful Paint by Numbers for Adults

Here are some helpful tips to achieve your paint by numbers goals:
  • Keep your art space tidy and free of clutter.
  • Complete one color-coded section of the canvas at a time to avoid confusion.
  • Begin coloring from the top right corner to allow space for your left hand.
  • Apply a single coat of paint to the small blocks initially, then add a second coat focusing on tone and effects.
  • Use the appropriate frame to display your finished artwork.
Happy paint by numbers!


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    Alex Smith
    Victoria, Australia
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Explore our comprehensive list of frequently answered questions to address any doubts you may have regarding paint by numbers Australia.

Yes, it's entirely feasible. Begin by laying the canvas on a flat surface and ensuring it's securely adhered. Then, utilize a rolling pin or heavy objects to gently smooth out any wrinkles in the canvas. Alternatively, you can employ various methods to eliminate canvas creases:

  • Utilize heavy objects such as books or a rolling pin (ensure the canvas cover is properly positioned before applying weights).
  • Use a heating pad.
  • Employ a pen knife to remove air bubbles.
  • Employ an iron (use caution and lower temperatures for stubborn creases).
  • Use a wrinkle remover spray.

While each kit typically includes ample colors for your project, should you find yourself running low mid-process, acquiring additional colors is simple. You can readily purchase them from any store. For consistent, premium-quality colors, consider selecting from the extensive range of paint by number accessories available today.

In our carefully curated selection of paint by numbers kits, you'll find only the finest tools, including top-quality paint brushes. Each kit comes equipped with three paint brushes: two thin brushes and one side-stroking brush. Designed with a comfortable grip and durable bristles, these brushes ensure ease of use for craftsmen of all ages, be it adults or children. Purchase your paint by numbers kit today from our store.

Once your paint by numbers masterpiece is complete, simply frame it with a wooden frame and hang it in a space of your choosing. Displaying your artwork will fill you with pride and enthusiasm, inspiring you to craft even more. Explore the Paint by Numbers accessories collection in our store to select the perfect wooden frame for your masterpiece. Have you already purchased your accessories?

There's no need for concern, as every kit includes a reference sheet. If you encounter a missing number, simply consult the guide or follow the sequence, comparing it with the other numbers. Ensure you always purchase the best paint by numbers kit from a reputable store to receive a comprehensive reference guide for additional assistance. Make your next purchase from Paint with Numbers to ensure you have all the support you need.

Every paint by numbers kit includes a cotton canvas that measures 20" x 16", or 50cm x 40cm. This size is used as a standard dimensional figure for all canvas because it best suits each portrait. Thus, when purchasing a paint by numbers kit, ensure that the canvas size is within that range so that no artistic errors occur later in the crafting process.