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Crafting paint with diamonds is not just a delightful experience; it is such a rewarding experience that every art enthusiast of any age will like to practice it not just as a hobby but will turn it into a passion within no time. However, the practice of making paint with diamonds turns out to be even more amazing than it is when, as an artisan, you craft it by following a few things.

  1. Check for the basics: Paint by diamonds is also known as the other form of a mosaic art form, and here you will use resin beads or colourful diamonds corresponding to the specific code on the canvas, turning it into a masterpiece.
  2. Check for the materials: Before all, you need the best diamond painting kit, which curatively includes all the crafty tools like a diamond painting applicator, glue, resin beads, coded canvas, an easy-to-follow guide, and a sample sheet.
  3. Check for the process: Always make sure to check the process of diamond painting before you start crafting the blank canvas into a shimmery masterpiece, just by following the guide that is given inside every diamond painting kit.
  4. Check for the possibilities: The best part about diamond painting is that there's something for everyone. Whether you prefer simple patterns or more intricate designs, you will have handy options that suit your skill level and interests. 

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However, there is no particular day or time to start the enticing artistic practice of diamond painting. Every moment seems perfect for beginning this amazing craft. Yet, here are some preferable suggestions, according to artistic experts.

  1. Choose for a cosy evening: Add paint-by-diamonds craft time to your every-evening routine and just unleash all the therapeutic benefits it unfolds, allowing you to be stress-free all the way.
  2. Choose for a weekend plan: Diamond painting will be a perfect weekend plan if you are thinking of having some stress-free moments, as the process will let you be away from all the hectic weekdays.
  3. Choose for a rainy day: Enjoy the charming essence of rainy days by choosing paint with diamonds as your break time companion. Crafting a beautiful diamond painting will leave you in a state of artistic ecstasy.
  4. Choose for a social gathering: Diamond painting crafts seem to be more interesting when practiced with a group of your loved ones, as it could create more cherishable moments while together.

So, this time, choose your favourite time to start this enticing artsy practice of diamond painting, as it is not about the right time or moment; indeed, it is all about your involvement and dedication in carving something more beautiful.


Diamond painting holds many of the most enticing artistic reasons for practicing it, yet there are countless therapeutic benefits that are unleashed once you dive into the process of crafting a beautiful paint-by-diamond canvas.

  1. Provides Relaxation: Once you are totally involved in the diamond painting art, you will feel relaxed, which will improve the relaxation quotient to 90%.
  2. Builds Creativity: By adopting this artsy practice as an everyday hobby, you will consistently build and improve your creativity to 85%.
  3. Connects Socially: As a diamond painting artisan, you will grow your social connections to 70% by displaying your artwork and sharing artsy tips.
  4. Embraces Success: When finished with the beautiful shimmery masterpiece of diamond painting, you will sense pride with 100% success.
  5. Develops fine-motor skills: While carving an intricate pattern of diamond painting, you will develop fine-motor skills and improve them to 75%.
  6. Improves Focus: Involving the continuous crafting process of diamond painting in your routine while helping improve your focus by 80%.

Above all, the best diamond painting kit Australia comes with a variety of designs, and it is a completely cost-effective artsy hobby you need to start with. So, ensure that you are going to add diamond painting art as a daily routine to your everyday schedule.

Paint with Numbers wishes you a happy crafting time!


Feeling stuck and want to know more? No worries. Learn everything about diamond painting through the FAQs.

What is diamond painting, and how does it work?
Diamond painting is well known as a creative hobby that involves using a drilled pen with adhesive glue to place the resin beads on the canvas by following the sample and easy-to-craft guide thus given in the kit.

Can a diamond painting be customised?
Yes, you can just send your favourite image of yourself or your loved ones to Paint with Numbers, and here our crafty crew will turn those images into a beautiful custom diamond painting kit that you can craft for cherishing good memories.

Are diamond-painting kits suitable for beginners?
Yes, diamond painting can be practiced by anyone of any skill level, as in general, they come in a variety of patterns that are classified based on skill and complexity level. So, when you are looking for the best diamond painting kit Australia, don't forget to check the product description provided on the kit.

What sizes are available for diamond painting canvases?
Usually, a diamond painting canvas is designed as per beginner, intermediate, and expert skill level artisans; thus, you can see a variation in the size and dimensions of the kits. Notably, the canvas sizes will be 20x20 cm [small], 30x40cm [medium], and 4x50cm [large]. You can also get the canvas size beyond larger based on your interest.

How long does it take to finish up with diamond painting?
Here, finishing up with a paint-by-diamond masterpiece will always depend on factors like your interest, time invested, size of the canvas, and pattern complexity level. Considerably, if the canvas is small - it might take a few hours; if it is medium - it might take a few days or weeks; and if the canvas is larger or beyond - it might take a few months.

Is diamond painting really a relaxing hobby?
Yes, painting with diamonds is a completely relaxing hobby, as the process involves placing the colourful beads one after the other on the coded canvas until a shimmery end piece is achieved. Thus, art experts state that this consistent process of diamond painting, when practiced on a regular basis, will help in improving focus, reduce stress, and also provide a sense of success for every artisan.