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Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit

Custom Diamond Kit

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Come experience the joy of art with our amazing custom diamond painting kit, Australia and dwell yourself into a whole new world of creativity. Have you ordered yours today?


If painting with different colours will leave you fascinated, then what could the placement of colourful diamonds do? It leaves you spellbound, right? Express love and prosperity for yourself and your loved ones with crafty diamond art. Get the best custom diamond painting kit today from our incredible collections.

Painting Includes:

Each curated custom diamond kit of ours includes the following:

  • A canvas sheet
  • Cube clay [adhesive in nature]
  • Diamond organising tray
  • Drill pen
  • Adaptable instruction guide
  • Reference sheet.

Shipping & Delivery: 

  • Every custom diamond painting Australia you order will be shipped within 2-3 business days.
  • Each shipped product will be delivered within 5-7 business days.

All orders you place will be given a tracking ID that lets you track every mile of the customized diamond painting until delivery.


    A custom diamond painting kit is a way to love yourself and your loved ones. There are many ways to express your gratitude, but one of the most worthwhile is by choosing a custom diamond painting kit. A personalised diamond painting kit stands as a whole new way of experiencing creativity and fun embedded within a curated pre-numbered canvas, colourful beads, drill pen, guide, and reference portrait.

    Also, a perfect therapy for your unusual stress and anxiety in everyday life could be custom interior painting. Why only custom diamond paintings? It is because crafting the natural aspects and any other scenes is quite common, but painting your own picture is a bit beyond creative terms. Don't let your passion for crafting custom diamond kits go unnoticed.

    Get yours today! Explore and dwell completely in the soothingness of artwork.

    How can you choose the perfect image for a custom diamond painting in Australia?

    Your custom diamond kit is just around the corner as you select an image with the proper dimensions and send it to us. The things you have to consider while choosing your image are:

    • Open your gallery and pick the image you like the most that you would like to have on a custom diamond painting.
    • Having selected the image, look for the quality of the picture, considering that all the faces in the photo are visible.
    • Tip: Notably, choose the picture with a close-up for a customized diamond painting.
    • If you are selecting a group photo, make sure that there are a maximum of four heads.
    • If it is your pet's photo, then ensure that the image is a perfect close-up of your pet smiling or in any pose.
    • Check if there are any blurs in the background or if they are in any inappropriate colours, as this could affect the custom diamond paintings.

    Following all the steps, you can send the image to us and stay chilled, as our skilful crew will mould your loved photo into an unbelievable custom diamond painting kit.

    Happy custom diamond painting!


    Experience the all-new way of putting your art life into cherishable painting moments rather than putting them in words. We take this space to inform you about the things that matter most when choosing our custom diamond painting Australia from many sources.

    Premium Quality:

    We always stay true to our standards and make sure that we deliver only top-quality products.

    Adaptable Designs:

    We carve out the best designs, which make you fall for them. The designs curated will be clear.

    Perfect Diamonds:

    Each and every diamond with us remains equal in size and shape. They are all bright in colour.

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